2017 World Championships, Adelaide Australia – Final Results are in!

The MLAIC has posted the final, and official, results. Quite promptly I might add. Thank you to the new webmaster, Balázs.

You can find them here.


Or, a direct download for the PDF.


Congratulations to all the competitors.

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2017 World Championships, Adelaide Australia – Top Results


Well, I got banquet pictures and there is a lot of bling in the photos. I wish I had pictures from the other teams, but sadly, I do not. So, here are the USA team photos. No captions, I do not know how the photos are grouped.

As before, the provisional scores are being posted at the Sporting Shooters Association Australia website. While there are some broken links, most scores are listed and correct. I hope that the links are corrected soon. I am eager to see what the 500 meter team results were.


Congratulations to all who competed.

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2017 World Championships, Adelaide Australia – Shooting should be over!

I received word that the shooting is over, though our reporter in the field is left with only using her phone to get us information. Hopefully, I will hear more once she gets to better connectivity.

I did notice that some of the links at the Sporting Shooters Association Australia website are broken, so I do not have the results of the Team midrange match. With luck, they will get those links fixed soon.

The New Zealand Black Powder Shooters Federation website has their team’s final report posted, with more pictures. Thank you to Denise (whomever you are…) for posting those reports. http://www.nzblackpowder.com.

Team USA’s Girl Friday, Cindy, did send me some new photos, which I will post below.

2017 Competitors, Adelaide Australia

USA Team Photo

Team USA

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2017 World Championships, Adelaide Australia – Scores coming in

As before, the provisional scores are being posted quite promptly at the Sporting Shooters Association Australia website. http://www.ssaapara.org.au/Sections/Muzzle%20Loading%20World%20Championship%20Results/muzzle-loading-2017-world-championships

You can keep up with the NZ team’s reports by visiting the New Zealand Blackpowder Shooters Federation website. They have two more reports available.

The world governing body, the MLAIC, has a few pictures on their website, as well. You can find them at this link http://mlaic.org/2017/10/10/2017-mlaic-long-range-world-champs-1st-pics/

The Sporting Shooters Association Australia Facebook page also has some pictures of the match and their team. You can find them at this link. https://www.facebook.com/ssaapara/.

Now, the US team status. I will try to piece together the bits of information I have found. The general consensus is that the wind was a force to be reckoned with both Monday and Tuesday. In fact, the weather was the reigning issue until the midrange team match was called, and weather is what delayed the shooting of the 600 yard targets.

Here is a short video I was sent showing the wind at the firing point. Notice the trees and how they are reacting. I cannot host a video on this blog, but you can download it. It is small and should run on any computer.

Murray Bridge Wind

Brent of the US team posted some quick thoughts on the BPCR.net forum.

Yesterday, we shot midrange yesterday (300, 500, 600m).
Scores are listed somewhere. I think you can see them at
Ssaapara.org.au. BTW, all individual matches are shot without spotter or coaching.

I have only a phone and very little of normal capability.

However, the Americans seem to be doing well, though I know I dropped some foolish points for reasons I dont understand. If you check out that web page you will know more than I.

Our top 4 individual shooters were Dave Munch, Hippy Hopkins, Ray Hanson, and Dave Hullo. So they became the USA 4-man midrange team for the midrange team match today. Weather was wild. Winds built into the 20 mph÷, gusts much higher. Many hats, shooting mats, and sight setting books blew downrange to be lost for at least 2 hrs. At 500 m it also started to rain. The Americans shot longest, well into the hard downpour, but we shot well and enjoy a comfortable lead of at least 15 point with the 600m remaining. Match was called with more downpour piling up on us. With a perfect shot being a 5-pt “V”, we should be able to hold on when we finish the midrange team match tomorrow.

I will try to post a video of the wind later. It was impressive.

Tomorrow, after the conclusion of the team match, we will begin the long range portion (800m and 1000YARDS). A long range team match will follow that.

You can follow any additional posts Brent makes by visiting the forum at http://www.bpcr.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7785

The US team Captain, Ed Decker, posted this short score tally for the midrange event. The scores are of course, not official yet.

300 Meter Individual-Original Rifle
Gold – Ray Hopkins, USA
Silver – Dave Munch, USA
Bronze – Art Fleener, USA

300 Meter Individual – Replica Rifle
Gold – Mark Sobierajski, Australia
Silver – Javier Rubio, Spain
Bronze – Kevin Cook, New Zealand

500 Meter Individual, Original
Gold – Henri Van Koot, Netherlands
Silver – Dave Munch, USA
Bronze – Art Fleener, USA

500 Meter Individual, Replica
Gold – Ray Hopkins, USA
Silver – Arnaud Libert, France
Bronze – Pieter Truter, South Africa

600 Meter Individual, Original
Gold – Dave Munch, USA
Silver – Henri Van Koot, Netherlands
Bronze – Ray Hopkins, USA

600 Meter Individual, Replica
Gold – Laurie Kerr, New Zealand
Silver – Jason Wakeling, New Zealand
Bronze – Mark Sobierajski, Australia

Ed included this bit of information as well concerning the midrange team match.

USA won Gold in the Team Event at 300 and 500 meters today in the MLAIC World Championships in South Australia. 600 meters got rained out. We’ll continue with the 600 meters in the morning. Everyone on the squad pitched in to help the ones shooting keep their gear and powder dry and from blowing away in the fierce winds!

Ed Decker, Captain
USIMLT Long Range Team

And a few more US team pictures.







The long range events should be completed by the time this is posted, and we eagerly await the results!



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